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Weed Subscription (1g = ฿99~)

The cannabis business is challenging in terms of production management, and there's a lot of waste. It feels such a waste, truly, to dispose of the cannabis we've cultivated. It's not eco-friendly.

So, what can we do?
That's why we started a subscription.

By offering subscription sales, we can create a production plan. With a plan in place, waste is reduced. When waste is reduced, profits increase. And with increased profits, it's possible to lower the sale price.

Cannabis Subscription Price List:

If, for instance, you subscribe for '100g every month', the price per gram is ฿99. Consuming it all by yourself might be challenging, but it's okay to sign up with friends. The minimum contract duration is 3 months. You can place an order via LINE.

Caution: If you fall under the following category, please refrain from purchasing.

Our cannabis is cultivated in a greenhouse, offering a moderate effect. If you're seeking powerful cannabis from indoor cultivation, please do not order from us.

Our cannabis can be likened to 'beer' in terms of alcoholic beverages. Indoor-grown cannabis, on the other hand, could be compared to 'whiskey'.

If you're looking for something to use on a daily basis, our 'beer-like' cannabis might be suitable. Plus, it's organically grown, ensuring safety in terms of health.

This message is written by Manabu, one of the founding members. I, too, frequently consume KOKORO's cannabis. It's not too overpowering, yet provides a relaxing experience.

First Month Free Campaign

Lastly: We are currently running a First Month Free Campaign. Here's the detailed breakdown:

We acknowledge that there's limited trust in our product thus far. Hence, we are offering this campaign. Please give it a try; we promise to deliver cannabis that provides a comfortable experience.

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